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All of our composite doors offer strength, superb heat insulation and superior style

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I used Avondale because of the recommendations on Which Local.

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Features and Benefits

Door cutaway

The very toughest materials are used to construct our customised composite doors including toughened glass, an insulating core, high impact face, laminated subframe and stylish protection.

On the Outside

Strength and durability come as standard: applied to each door are the same tried and tested materials used on ships and spacecraft and are able to cope with environmental extremes. Amongst the toughest materials are thermosetting resins. These become set after curing and reapplication of heat will not reverse the chemical process that created them. Thus they remain strong, stable and durable whatever the temperature.

On the Inside

Quality engineering comes as standard: each individual door size has a high quality engineered subframe constructed with materials selected for their durability. These are assembled using strong dovetail joints that lock everything together. at the heart of every door is a high-density core. This CFC- and HFC-free insulation has performance comparable to that used in cavity walls that keep homes warm and fuel bills down.

A Final Touch

Our doors include an EdgeGuard process that not only adds extra protection against daily wear and tear, but also enchances appearance, helping your door to look good for longer.