Composite, uPVC, French, Patio and Bi-Folding Doors

We supply and install Composite, uPVC, French, Patio and Bi-Folding doors in a variety of colours and styles

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Our Range of Doors

Composite Doors

Composite doors are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of exterior doors for many people and make excellent alternatives to wooden versions and can provide your home with the extra security that it needs.

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uPVC Doors

We offer an impressive selection of uPVC door styles are all are fitted with a 6 point high security lock, double glazing, toughened glass and reinforced frames, ensuring your home is secure.

Each of our uPVC doors is tailor-made and designed to be an elegant eye-catching introduction to your home. And because each one of our doors is custom designed and manufactured to your unique tastes, our prices are dependent on your specific requirements.

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French, Patio and Bi-Folding Doors

French, patio and bi-folding doors give you an increased view of the outside and you can benefit from more natural light within your home, increased ventilation and better access into your garden or patio.

Our range of French, patio and bi-folding doors are available in a variety of styles along with numerous glazing options.

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