Triple Glazed Energy Efficient Windows

uPVC Double Glazing & Triple Glazing Energy Efficient Windows

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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Rating

All of our windows have excellent energy efficiency credentials with them achieving an 'A' grade energy rating with ease. This provides a net energy gain of 2KWH/m2/per year to the household.

Our windows are ecologically sound and sustainable with post consumer waste PCV-U being recycled to make state of the art window reinforcing material, RCM whichi s used where possible.

This provides considerable green benefits, higher screw retention than steel and a tangible benefit to any homeowner with a reduction on emissions and heat lost through windows.

About the Window Energy Rating (WER)

The Window Energy Rating (WER) labelling scheme was launched in the UK by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), a Government-supported independent body. By using information contained on the label, consumers can reliably compare one product with another and make informed decisions regarding the energy performance of a window.

The A (best) to G (worst) rating system is similar to the labelling already used on white goods. The label gives a rating on the whole window (frame and glass) and therefore allows fair comparison of one window with another.